DC Charter Management Organization Seeks SIS to Support Student Records

DC Charter Management Organization Seeks SIS to Support Student Records

A school consortium needs to find a new Student Information System that supports student records, attendance, grading and reporting.

State: Washington DC Number of Students: 981
School Type: Charter Management Organization Free and Reduced Lunch: 73.0%
Grade Level: PK-12 English Language Learners: 19.0%

School Context

This is a K-12 charter school that is part of a consortium of other schools which focus on project-based learning. The consortium has been using the same SIS, but due to the the phasing out of the current SIS, the entire consortium will find a new SIS together.

State of Technology

The current Student Information System, School Force, is not going to continue to be supported. The school must have a new Student Information System in place and fully implemented by Fall 2016 to support the school and six other schools in their consortium. They are looking for a system that is user friendly interface and simple to use for teachers. This tool should also help them simplify the data collection and tracking across our organization.

The school is looking to replace SchoolForce for attendance, behavior, gradebook/report cards, meals, field-trip requests and approvals tracking. They have about 19 different integrated systems, particularly for high school teachers. All of these are not problems they expect one solution to solve, but they do want to minimize the number of systems that others would need to master, more inherent integration.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The tool must include a gradebook, parent communication and reports all in one place. Ideally, the school like to be able to track correlations between data such as a student's GPA, attendance and PSAT scores. Eventually, they would like to be able to build out a repository structure of reports for administrators to use regularly that ties to student ID numbers. The tool must support Active Directory for their student accounts and must integrate with Google Apps for Education to create all accounts and emails.

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