California Parochial School Seeks to Aggregate Data from Disparate Sources

California Parochial School Seeks to Aggregate Data from Disparate Sources

This school is looking for a data system that can simplify and aggregate from multiple data sources.

State: California Number of Students: 406
School Type: Parochial School Free and Reduced Lunch: N/A
Grade Level: 9-12 English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This private school serves around 430 students. While they have seen student success over the years, the school would like to grow their capacity for innovation by being intentional about integrating technology in their classrooms and across the school. They are hiring a new Director of Technology and are well excited and equipped to change.

State of Technology

This school wants to become more data driven as they enter into an accreditation year. They have a lot of data sources and not a lot of resources available to aggregate the data. Different stakeholders would like to view data in a variety of ways, especially teachers, who would like to use the data to inform instruction.

In years past, they relied on survey data to capture information needed to show compliance for accreditation. They have a small team in charge of pulling in all that data. However, they would like to expand the reach of the data they are collecting to help multiple stakeholders, not just the accreditation team.

Tech Needs & Requirements

Their goal is to be able to make decisions based on the data they have collected. They would like the educational data to help them improve the school and inform decisions at the school and classroom level. The data is coming from multiple places such as their SIS (Powerschool), standardized assessments and uploaded data from various other places. They hope that the tool provides several features. They would like the tool to be able to collect data from the SIS, PowerSchool (like attendance, financial records, demographic) as well as collect data from other software programs if possible (like their alumni database). They definitely want to be able to see historical data on a students, including their grades and performance against standards. Most importantly, they want the tool to offer various reporting features. Ideally they would like a tool that can look at the data and help organize the data so that it is useful for the different stakeholders, including admissions staff, administration, and teachers. They would hope that the tool could take the data and then offer some sort of analytical tool to create reports based on filters flexible filtering options preferred. Ideally, the tool should have a predictive analytic capability. They would like a user dashboard so that anyone who is interested in looking at the data can easily look at the data in real time and be able to report it out in a manner that is easy to understand and visually appealing.

Teachers will likely be inputting data and the basic ability to run reports.

The tool must integrate with PowerSchool. The tool must all for tagging custom standards based on Common Core, but are unique for the school. The tool should be actionable and user friendly data reporting for all users, so non-technical users can generate basic reports. The tool must be device agnostic. The school allow bring your own devices. The tool should be browser based. The tool should include: reports for individual students; reports by subgroups like academic class and population; and reports that can correlate financial data and academic performance. The tool should integrate with PowerSchool.

*Content From 2016

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