California Independent School Wants to Track and Assess the Whole Student

California Independent School Wants to Track and Assess the Whole Student

This school is looking for a tool to help faculty track and assess student wellness as part of their mission to support the whole student.

State: California Number of Students: 811
School Type: Independent School Free and Reduced Lunch: N/A
Grade Level: PK-12 English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This private school has been around for 50 years. they serve around 800 students from northern California. They just recently launched their high school and they are seeing a lot of growth. They believe in educating the whole student, not measuring student success with traditional measures. They want their support structure to help their student in life and in their academic progress.

State of Technology

The school has not had a way to track and quantify and qualify the data collected regarding behavior, wellness and insights from academic progression. Prior to now, this has not been an issue because the SEL teacher was solely in charge of keeping and recording this information. They now would like this to be integrated into the workflow of all faculty.

Currently, the school schedules biweekly meetings about students where they discussion issues about progress of students academic and behavior and/or social issues. To prepare for this meeting there is a an email two days before asking teachers and faculty jot their notes down about students.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The current solution is great, but they would like a tool to help them have a greater awareness for giving time to all students, not just those who raise red flags. In order to address all students, they are seeking a solution with the following features. They would like to: capture all student wellness, no longer simply focusing on those that raise red flags, but those who could potentially be borderline; and to begin to look at school data in a way that can effect change for example, analyzing homework and wellness data to see if there is a correlation between in-school academic work, performance, stress and homework load for students.

They would like real time student status.Teachers should be able to document student behavior and wellness so that stakeholders can have access to real time snapshots on how a student is feeling or behaving, instead of an asynchronous email. Teachers should be able to report individual statuses on each student. This will be a time where they can reflect and document noticeable behavior and wellness. The school would like to holistically look at an entire grade level and assess how they are doing. Hopefully, providing insights on the many cycles in the school year. The purpose is to help the school be cognizant of issues around scheduling of test, for example.

Teachers should easily be able to enter data. This should not take a long time otherwise it will not be integrated well into their routine. Tagging structures would be a nice to have so that they can look at data reports that focus on a type of student based on custom tagging. Easy to read reporting. The school would like visual representations of the reports as well as numbers for ease of use.

Teachers will enter data and do some analysis.

The tool must have open API to integrate with their custom SIS. The tool must be user friendly ease of use for those who are less familiar with technology and data analysis. The too must provide easy reporting. The tool must be browser based and device agnostic. Administrators should be able to see a short list of students that meet X criteria through tagging. The tool must provide flexible filtering of data in real time, such as whole grade level reporting, by students, by teacher and subgroups. The tool should integrate with custom SIS and Canvas (for high school only).

*Content From 2016

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