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Toward Better Teaching: Office Hours With Bonni Stachowiak

Toward Better Teaching: Office Hours With Bonni Stachowiak

A new school year is just around the corner. And that has many higher-ed instructors thinking about ways they could improve their teaching practice.

Bonni Stachowiak often hears from professors grappling with challenges around how to better facilitate learning through her long-running podcast, “Teaching in Higher Ed,” and also at Vanguard University of Southern California, where she is the director of teaching excellence and digital pedagogy.

Now, Stachowiak will be channeling her teaching advice through EdSurge, as a regular columnist writing about and responding to questions from those teaching or designing learning experiences for college students.

Think of it like a Dear Abby but for teaching in higher ed. Or perhaps an office hours of sorts, to keep the theme consistent. Either way, Stachowiak wants to hear from you, and she’s ready to offer help. (You can submit your challenges and questions here or using the same form embedded below.)

“May this column be one way of making it a little bit easier for all of us,” Stachowiak writes, “while still challenging ourselves to take the risks necessary to aspire to greater heights in our teaching.”


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