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New Year, New Learning: Reflections on Education in 2018 and Beyond

New Year, New Learning: Reflections on Education in 2018 and Beyond

Each year, EdSurge asks thought leaders, educators and entrepreneurs to reflect on the state of education technology, and share their thoughts on where it’s headed. We’re continuing that tradition again this year, but with an added twist: Writers from 2017 were asked to nominate who they would like to hear from this time around. And the EdSurge editorial team also reached out to a few new voices to get their thoughts.

A few major themes and recurring threads have popped up this year. We heard from a number of instructors, experts and even CEOs in the higher-ed space on why one of the biggest challenges facing students and educators today—and into the future—has to do with digital literacy, authenticity and teaching students of all ages about getting the facts straight in an increasingly digital world.

We also heard from teachers, education reformers and advocates who want to see edtech tools and services do better by students, from data privacy to early childhood education and efficacy. They point to a mix of shortcomings and not-quite-there-yet ideas that hold promise, but have yet to prove they deserve a spot in the classroom.

Even in an era of uncertainty and rapid technological innovation, many of our writers have high hopes for the year ahead when it comes to learning. These writers showed us where there is room to grow, and why they believe a bright future for schools, students and educators across K-12 and higher education is within reach.

Here you’ll find a mix of skepticism, enthusiasm and speculation for where education is headed. We hope you come away with ideas and inspiration for further debate and discussion from our 2018 end-of-the-year series. Happy reflecting—and Happy New Year.

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