Zayed Future Energy Prize for Global High Schools

Jul 15, 2012

OK, this may be a long shot: What are the chances that your high school has a clever proposal somewhere gaining dust? And that the proposal addresses energy efficiency for your high school with "measurable goals... such as waste or energy use reduction targets?" Even better the proposal should be supported by thought leadership in energy conservation and include student-led initiatives for development in the present and maintenance in the future. Is that a yes? Well consider yourself a prime candidate for the Zayed Future Energy Prize for Global High Schools. In support of the UN Secretary General's Year of Sustainable Energy initiative, the Zayed Prize Fund is offering up to $100K to five global high schools (defined as grade 9 and up) in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. All of the above selection criteria apply plus more here. This is the first year this award has ever been offered--and we just heard about it! So if you have a team of capable educators and super-students, get to work! You're only 40 days (starting now) away from $100K!

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