Grok Code Quest

Oct 31, 2016

Running from 31st October to 4th December Grok Code Quest is a friendly online competition that teaches programming in Python and will equip school students—from beginners to experts—with crucial skills for the future.

We offer free access for teachers to decide whether the material is suitable for their students. Free teacher access includes Grok Code Quest, all of our other competitions, and our self-paced courses. Fantastic for professional development!

This year, we're introducing a new micro:bit stream to Grok Code Quest, to celebrate the release of the BBC micro:bit (an embedded device given free to all Year 7 students across the UK in 2016).

To help everyone get started, we're also offering a free BBC micro:bit Starter Course with a full micro:bit simulator -- no micro:bit required!

For further information beyond whats available on the website please email info@groklearning.com.

Grok Code Quest

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