Zero-Sum Game

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Zero-Sum Game

Jun 5, 2012

ZERO SUM GAME: On the heels of several Atlanta area schools doing away with class rankings, Mr. Lynden Dorval of Edmonton, Canada has been suspended for continuing to give out zeroes. More specifically, Mr. Dorval has refused to adhere to the "No Zeroes" policy in place at Ross Sheppard HS and other Edmonton schools. Many educators have come out to support Mr. Dorval, labeling him a "hero" for sticking to his guns. Others are less effusive, preferring to look at the matter practically. We wouldn't dare question the wisdom of a 35-year teaching veteran, but wonder how opinions on both sides of these policies will shape the development of edtech assessments. Is there a place for zeroes in a personalized learning environment? Is competition a requisite extrinsic motivator for less engaged students, or can they be reached through some technological means? Our "edu-sense" tells us that no zeroes and rankings is just the tip of the iceberg; what are your thoughts?

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