YouTube Playbook for Teachers Released

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YouTube Playbook for Teachers Released

Oct 5, 2012

PICTURES ARE WORTH THOUSANDS OF WORDS: But only if they're good. So here's a bit of help on making good videos: YouTubeEDU just released its "Playbook Guide for Education," a handbook for making top-notch YouTube Edu videos. Get your (free) guide here. In some ways, it's an update of YouTube's 2011 "Creator" Playbook -- but updated and personalized for educators. That makes 47 pages of concise, smart advice on everything from how to create a great video, how to build a channel on YouTube EDU (there are now 1,000 channels on YouTube EDU), to what it means to teach on YouTube and extra resources. Neat stuff. All yours. The only oddity: no video!

Important addendum: check out this nifty slideshow--with embedded video!--by James Sanders, KIPP Bay Area's Innovation manager: "Ten Ways For Teachers to Use YouTube."

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