The Tabula Project

KEEPING TABS: The ever-entertaining techblogger (he was sued for his Twitter followers), Noah Kravitz, is hoping his blogging chops can shake up the edtech space. His vision, The Tabula Project, hopes to capitalize on successful iPad adoption, cheaply available Android tablets, and the upcoming Windows 8 touch-based UI. Details are sparse but TechCrunch describes Tabula as a "groupware for teachers"--where any teacher can "run tablet user[s] through a set of lessons." Kravitz received inspiration for Tabula through interfacing with his education-minded friends on popular tech blog, TechnoBuffalo. Assuming he can successfully crowdfund $300K for development, he aims to have a lean prototype in schools this Fall. One sign that edtech is starting to mature: commentators on Kravitz's site are pointing out that he has yet to explain what the Tabula Project will do. His response: "A new video diving deeper into what we're building, and what value it provides, is coming very soon."

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