Sub-$200 Model Added to Google Chromebook Offerings

GOOD THINGS COME IN THREE: Or at least that's what the folks at Google are hoping for with the latest addition to the Chrome lineup. The Acer C7 isn't as stylish as it's higher-priced Samsung brethren, but still promises similar results. Priced aggressively at $199, the base model is a tad thicker and has considerably less battery life-- still 3.5 hours of juice should be sufficient for the wackiest of bell schedules. There's also the free 100GB of Google Drive space that comes standard with any Chromebook purchase. Alas, the veritable cloud machines only go as far as the available bandwidth and the C7 is bereft of any 3G/4G connectivity, so if you're school is still struggling to load Khan Academy videos you may want to pitch these guys on coming to your city or town.

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