Study Analyzes Instructor Feedback Data to Pinpoint Common Writing Errors

NO, X DOESN’T MARK THE SPOT: Turnitin, has just released the results of a new study analyzing instructor feedback on over 2 million student papers submitted through its online grading tool, GradeMark. The study, which analyzes around 30 million instructor comments, reveals consistent use of “QuckMarks” such as “missing comma, awkward, spelling error, delete and cite source.” Whether or this type of feedback reflects grading trends among instructors or the convenient grading options of the GradeMark tool is unclear, but the data suggest that students’ writing continues to suffer despite access to online tools that should make spell-checking and citation-building faster and easier. The study also suggests that "these errors may also be a sign of carelessness" -- a learning barrier not easily removed with technology. A webcast, “From the Margins: Providing Effective Feedback on Student Papers,” to present the study results will be held today at 1pm EST. Click here to register. You can also request  a copy of the study here.

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