SMS in the Classroom May Not Rot Grammar

LOL OMG IMHO: We somehow whiffed on this Penn State study that suggests texting may have adverse effects on grammar, but we certainly didn’t miss the retort from Montclair State University Associate Professor, Susana Sotillo. Her inclination is that students recognize the difference and it’s up to teachers to establish a healthy writing culture. She also wants to see the study replicated with a larget sample size. A linguistics expert trained at UPenn, Ms. Sotillo has championed instant messaging as a foreign language learning tool in the past, so it’s no surprise that she’s ready to defend SMS. Both researchers have impeccable academic pedigrees (Mr. Shyam Sundar, head researcher at Penn State hails from Stanford) so there’s no need for head-butting. We prefer to keep our ears to the street--what do you think about texting in the classroom? Yay or nay? Let us know.

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