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SMS But Seriously

Feb 28, 2012

BUT SERIOUSLY: And speaking of cellphone bans, host and founder at Engaging Educators, Mr. Ben Curran, didn’t hesitate to dig into the issues. The guest all agreed that cellphone bans at the classroom and administrative level stem from a desire to control students and reduce free communication. Or as Ms. Nielson eloquently stated, educators “are afraid to allow students to communicate in real ways.” For the daring, unafraid souls, you may want to review these 10 merits of including cellphones in the classroom for that next staff or school board meeting! Or for good measure, these 24 benefits for mobile learning..

Mr. Curran also highlighted the 1-2 punch for cellphone bans: parents. Understandably, many parents will not be okay with teachers having untethered access to their kids via text message, but not to fear, EdSurge is here! And we happen to know of a certain double-blind text message app that addresses this very problem: Remind101. Did we mention it’s free?

If that doesn’t sway parents, maybe they just need to be their “child’s homework hero.” At least that’s the title that text-message service, SnappSchool, wants them to hold. Our good friend, Mrs. Audrey Watters, shares all the deets on their new "refresher courses" for parents. The intent is to "support parents so they in turn can better support their children's academic work." So much for the “when I was in school" speech!

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