Redditors Attack the Classroom

Redditors Attack the Classroom

Aug 1, 2012

REDDITORS UNITE: The crazy, uncensored, talented and mostly anonymous users of popular news sharing site, Reddit (known affectionately as redditors), are teaming up to provide beginning-of-the-year supplies for teachers in need. Leonard can't help but suspect this is part of some over-arching conspiracy to convert teachers to redditors; Betsy claims that Reddit CEO, Yishan Wong, just wants to do the right thing because he has school-age kids, too.

In any event, whether you want to receive a supply package or send one (minimum cost is $15/package), just create a free Reddit account here, and Reddit will do the legwork of emailing do-gooders and teachers once a match has been made. Matched pairs are expected to communicate specific classroom needs through Reddit, and supply packages should be in the mail no later than September 24th. The registration period began on July 31st, and over 1,000 receivers and 900 givers have already signed up. Registration closes August 20.

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