Real World Videos From THNKR Promote Critical Thinking

Free! THINKR “gives you extraordinary access to the people, stories, places and thinking that will change your mind.” It sounds like sheer hyperbole until you see this Chopin performance by a 9-year old or high-flying attorney, Barry Scheck talking about the Innocence Project. Thnkr creates and categorizes videos in four categories: BOOKD (game-changing literature), EPIPHANY (innovative ideas from thought leaders), PODIUM (the art of oration), and PRODIGIES (youngest and brightest talents). We know from our past Day In The Life Of portraits, Mr. Greg Schwanbeck and Mrs. Lisa Mims, that video is a great way to spark critical thinking in the classroom (unless you agree with these guys, page 12, item 10). Thnkr could give you the grist for an edgier alternative to getting the conversation started.

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