pricing no more

LIBRARY.NU NO MORE: Here's a poignant example of a supply-and-demand mismatch: book publishers recently used an injunction to shut down and cyberlocker sites for serious nonfiction books. The traditional publishers called it stealing, as the sites were making available 400,000 texts and made $11 million along the way. But in this thoughtful blog post, one long-time user notes that those sites help readers in the developing world who are eager to read the works but can't get them online at an affordable price. As a writer, EdSurge's Betsy Corcoran likes copyright--but agrees there's a radical mismatch in the pricing of these works. Sounds like someone needs to publish these books at a significantly lower price. Hey, ElevenLearning, what do you think? (And hat tip to David Miller at SlugBooks for the scoop.)

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