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pedagogy pop quiz

Mar 21, 2012

POP QUIZ: There's a "test" from Audrey Watters on "what every techie should know about education," covering a broad swath of tech, politics, pedagogy, and statistics. It's tough--unless you've been in a program like Stanford's LDT. (Betsy confesses that she tripped over "How do things like 'self-efficacy' and 'stereotype threat' shape learning?") This material surely would ensure you have a rich background in classic pedagogy and that you speak the language of educators. We love building those bridges. Yet in some ways, isn't this classic book learning about learning? How about a more "Maker-ish," hands-on approach? We applaud commenter John Baldo who wrote: "[Entrepreneurs] just need to set foot inside an urban school. Just ENTER the building and look around. Better yet, volunteer once a week. Just for a couple hours. Talk to everyone. Keep a journal. Osmosis is real." What do you think? Weigh in via email or via Facebook; we'll share comments there.

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