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NYC iSCHOOL: We’ve been watching the Innovation Zone (iZone) project from NYC’s Dept of Ed for some time now, so it was with much delight that EdSurge participated in a workshop on "designing K-12 learning experiences," with DMLers and NYC iSchool educators, Ms. Francesca Fay and Ms. Christina Jenkins.

The goods? Well for starters, check out the Sixteen project, a mashup of multimedia and anthropology intended to explore students’ coming of age. And yessir, they’re blogging about it, too.

If that doesn’t provoke your pedagogy, check out #Disastercamp, a five-day summer school class that explores ways to improve disaster response experiences through social media.

These are not the fast-food variety of curricula: Ms. Fay reports that she has taught around 15 of these courses, all with custom curriculum that she developed. She recommends honing your design chops at crowd-sourced design site, OpenIDEO. Other great resources can be found at IDEO’s Education page and the Stanford K12 wiki.

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