MTT2K Prize for Khan Academy video critiques

PICKING ON KHAN: Once again there's buzz around Khan ever since two teachers posted a parody, "Mystery Teacher Theater 2000," critiquing one of his videos on working with negative numbers. (It has since been replaced.) Normally we'd give it a pass, but the episode inspired more than the typical cheerleading and disparaging we're used to seeing. Dan Meyers and Justin Reich, both of whom have (civilly) voiced concerns about Khan's methods, have co-sponsored the 2012 MTT2K Prize for more video critiques. Khan himself has joined the fray in a rebuttal of one from a physics professor. Robert Talbert deftly chronicles this latest saga and lays groundwork for a realistic assessment of KA--one not rooted on an all-or-nothing premise. Really, we hope is the final word.

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