iOS 6 Accessibility Feature Controls Access to Apps

PAD LOCKS: Teachers wary of students staying on task during an iPad activity can breathe a little easier. The Guided Access feature in iOS 6 lets administrators limit access to one or a handful of apps. Apple's website says Guided Access "helps students with disabilities such as autism remain on task and focused on content." We're wondering if it's a nod to the Chromebook's management console which was developed with business and education in mind. In either case, the feature's a boon for administrators and app developers-- the "how do you know what my kid's doing on that [insert tech here]?" question is evaporating before our eyes. But we wonder if the question of access is being flipped on its head. As more and more students gain access to information, it's a bit counter-intuitive to limit the learning capabilities of tablets to a few apps. It's just like limiting physics to say, a few textbooks, no?  If you're using Guided Access or the CB management console, shoot us a note and keep us honest!

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