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THE LEAGUE OF INNOVATIVE TEACHERS: Here's a different flavor, another emerging idea called the "League of Innovative Teachers." We all know what it means to be an Apple Distinguished Educator or a Google Certified Teacher. But why should the shiniest badges for teachers come from companies? Karen Cator at the Department of Education pulled together a group (including the CTQ folks) to brainstorm about what a non-affiliated "league of innovative teachers" might be. Among the goals is fostering teachers' spirit of innovation and nudging school districts into embracing and celebrating teachers with spunk. Educators at the table bemoaned the fact that creative teachers are often pressured to conform to drill-and-kill environments. (Think Peter Parker stuck at the Daily Bugle with no time to don his spidey outfit.) The very first draft of what such a League might look like hit the chalkboard in February. We'll share the latest with you, but if you have something to say about it, let us know.

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