Google Chromebooks: Blend it Like Khan--the Sequel

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Google Chromebooks: Blend it Like Khan--the Sequel

Aug 31, 2011

BLEND IT LIKE KHAN--the sequel: Looks like the team at Envision Academy in Oakland is blending the right ingredients. Following its much heralded blended learning project this summer, Envision has been selected by Khan Academy as part of a pilot group. Khan's team has been coy about saying just how many schools are piloting the website this autumn. EdSurge has heard about projects at several Summit and KIPP charter schools, Los Altos public schools, and independent schools including Eastside College Preparatory. Khan is using these pilots to define best practices and figure out what exemplifies a Khan Academy classroom. Expect more details as the pilots progress into early 2012.

Another key ingredient in the Envision recipe has been the Google Chromebook. Envision acquired 110 more of the cloud-based laptops (yeah, web only!) so it could expand its summer pilot to include the entire 9th grade class... yep, that's 1:1 computing for all freshmen in an urban school setting. To put that into context, in 2008, urban schools had on average 2 computers with Internet access for every 7 students (Institute of Education Sciences citation). My, how times have changed! Sign up here Sign up here to attend a live webinar on Google Chromebooks in Education.

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