google chromebook godzilla v. mothra? ok, really, ipad v. kindle

GODZILLA V. MOTHRA? OK, REALLY, iPAD V. KINDLE: The classroom is one of next battlegrounds for hardware platforms vying for users--and that should be just dandy for schools and edtech entrepreneurs. Amazon plans to release its color tablet today. Apple has rounded up 10,000 first-gen iPads, tuned them up and handed them out to Teach for America. At last week's Clinton Global Initiative, Microsoft rolled out a three-year program to bring discounted broadband, PCs and Microsoft software to 1 million low-income American children. And did we mention Chromebooks? The good news is that kicking up that dust means more educators should have devices that glow when you press the "on" switch. That should make life far easier for edtech entrepreneurs building new software solutions for teachers & schools. With more platforms come more choices for developers. Based on the apps we see nowadays though, it's iGodzilla that rules Edu-Tokyo.

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