Flipped 3.0

Flipped 3.0

Jun 19, 2012

FLIPPED 3.0: Instead of revising Bloom’s taxonomy, should we flip it? That’s the provocative question posed by Ms. Shelley Wright, teacher and edublogger from Saskatchewan, Canada. She argues that students should begin learning by creating something and then they will “eventually discern the knowledge that [they] need from it.” If you need a refresher, the flipped Bloom’s, dubbed “Bloom’s 21,” moves in this order: Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding, Remembering. It reminds us a lot of design-thinking with students prototyping their learning in a “fail early, fail often” path towards concrete knowledge. Ms. Wright has tried flipping Bloom’s in her media studies and chemistry classes (and provides great examples of each), but admits the concept is easiest to implement in her English class. Having the students start with writing and work backwards makes it easier to grasp “grammar rules and abstract concepts like voice.” Be sure to check out the comments section for lively discussion from fellow educators!

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