Exploring Web Literacies

THE INTERWEBS: When we think of web literacies, do we know “what we mean by the ‘web’?’’ That’s the central question posed by Mr. Doug Belshaw in this post exploring the concept of web literacies at DMLCentral. It’s an interesting question that we’re not sure is asked frequently enough. For what it’s worth, Mr. Belshaw, who is penning a white paper on web literacy for the Mozilla Foundation, provides the World Wide Web definition from Wikipedia, but that’s really a lot of technical mumbo jumbo -- the major takeaway is that web standards exist which many web users fundamentally do not understand. At the 30,000 foot view, Mozilla views web literacy as the ability to read and write the web, and they're on a mission to make these skills available to everyone, if not as programmers than as contributors by “putting [web] learning in context.” Scoot over to webmaker.org to see three tools -- Popcorn, Thimble, and X-Ray Goggles -- they’ve developed in support this mission.

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