efficacy pricey to me, cheap for you

PRICEY TO ME, CHEAP FOR YOU? Teachers will tell you that the best price is free. From their perspective, it makes sense: not only are school budgets thin but most individual teachers have technology budgets that are dwarfed by a fifth grader's allowance. What's more, edtech'ers are still proving the "value" of their tools. So how to price a product? One entrepreneur grumbled recently when EdSurge described his product as "pricey" at $19.95 a student per year; he contrasted that with a more established competitor with a similar price but fewer features. So, dear teachers, do tell: what price points matter to you? What will your schools pay for technology? How much influence do ou have over your school's technochoices? Let it all out here feedback@edsurge.com or on Facebook. Hardworking entrepreneurs want to know!

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