distribution company for epals

COMPANY FOR EPALS? Doug Levin, who directs the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), offered this observation on our comment last week that ePals wants to become an iTunes-like platform. He writes: "My sense is that there are a lot of competitors already on the market for iTunes-like distribution of content such as: Learning.com Sky platform (in place in FL and other states already); PBS's platform, Discovery Ed, Epsilen (NYTimes), the SLC funded by Gates (and being built by Wireless Generation) and more emergent ones including AcrossWorld and EdNovo. Aren't these all pointing the same direction? There are probably a dozen other ones, too." That's a great point; ePals will surely have competition. Just about any good idea does. (Some of us are ancient enough to recall when there were more than seven web browsers, including an academic effort called Mozilla.) Do you use any of these platforms? Anybody willing to handicap this race?

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