Create Your Own Video Instructions

Create Your Own Video Instructions

Jul 12, 2012

Free! SNAPGUIDE: If you made it through the entire Alan Kay interview referenced in ES-Instruct Edition 022, you may recall his assault on the web as we know it as an amateur show compared to the original Internet construct (no they’re not the same, unless you credit Al Gore). Specifically, he laments how Wikipedia has a ton of static information but no interactive examples or demos. We wouldn’t dare challenge Mr. Kay but apparently he doesn’t come across creations like SnapGuide. The free iOS app allows users to create step-by-step guides with photos and video on how to do pretty much anything -- all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. This product screams non-standard assessments for iPad-laden learning environments, but at the very least, teachers and administrators can distill accessible guides (also viewable on the desktop) on anything from turning in homework to completing student registration forms. Don’t tell the bureaucracy.. we’d hate to see administrative costs re-appropriated for teacher salaries!

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