Apr 4, 2012

CLICK CLACK: From churches to sorority elections, clickers are creeping into all corners of our lives, it seems. The NYTimes reports that within the last decade, two of many physical clicker companies sold nearly 9 million units at $30-$40 a pop. This price point may work for universities, but may be out of reach for cash-strapped K-12 districts, suggests Poll Everywhere co-founder Sean Eby. Hence, he and others are working on mobile clickers to handle the job. "The BYOD movement is catching on at the same time education budgets are being slashed. Meanwhile, everyone sees the beauty of mass market consumer devices and software, such as the iPhone, and wants their classroom technology to work just as easily. Students and teachers everywhere are thus questioning the costs of purchasing proprietary, closed, expensive, single use technologies like clickers."

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