Camping with the Shared Learning Collaborative

BOUNTY HUNTIN': It takes a village to bring down a beast. And so the Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC) has been running "codeathons" and "tagathons" to bring together developers, teachers, and designers to tackle the gargantuan project (best laid out by Frank Catalano here) that includes testing APIs and sample code and tagging content for the Learning Registry. Read about the Chicago and Boston camps; upcoming ones are scheduled for New York (10/20-21), and Denver (11/17-18). Each session offers cash prizes for good ideas and working prototypes, in addition to food and drinks. In addition, the SLC has a couple of $75K bounties available for developers who can create "Student Data Aggregation Calculators" and "Student Grouping Tools." But act fast--proposal deadlines are due October 16.

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