BenchPrep offers monthly subscription service for unlimited courses

ALL YOU CAN LEARN: Tech outlets like PandoDaily are going gaga over BenchPrep's "new all-you-can-eat service" in the form of a subscription model where students pay a monthly fee ($20 to $30) for access to all of it's online offerings (spanning high school and college subjects and test prep). The Chicago-based startup licenses content from big-name publishers including Pearson, Wiley, and O'Reilly to build out its course library. This move to "education as a service" marks a change from its previous pricing model where students paid on average $100 for individual courses. The new pricing structure is actually similar to Grockit's approach where students pay a monthly fee of $30 for access to a class of reviews (such as all SAT prep, or all ACT practice and assessment questions.) Grockit puts more emphasis on social learning; BenchPrep boasts alternative programs such as materials developed by McGraw-Hill or Allen Prep.

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