A MOOC Goes to Washington

MOOC'ing AROUND IN DC: Arne Duncan seems pretty intrigued by MOOCs these days. As the Dept. of Ed's bus trip got rolling, he paid a visit to the Silicon Valley MOOC-y-MOOCs: Sal Khan, Udacity's Sebastian Thrun and the Coursera crew of Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. Now's he's had them all to Washington to talk up what the programs mean for education. Especially interesting when you consider that Sec. Duncan told EdSurge that if he were in high school these days, he'd spend less time doing "formal" school work (and more time doing an internship) then he did back in the day. Nice, too, that one of Duncan's staff, Richard Culatta, is running a MOOC about starting edtech companies! Check it out here.

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