4.0 Schools Offers Design Thinking Workshops for Teachers

4.0 SCHOOLS: Here's another approach: 4.0 Schools is a New Orleans-based nonprofit, a mere 14-months old, with a smartly tiered program for introducing teachers to the kind of "design thinking" and "agile development" thinking that's all the rage among startups. The org supports teachers who want to build new schools, new products or just try a new way of thinking. The program offers a four-day "essentials" workshop, a two-month FT prototyping course or an 18-month "launch school" to start a school or company. Clever twist: those in the 18-month program effectively join 4.0 Schools and so are eligible for up to $90K in salary as well as healthcare as they build their project. The first four educators to be part of this program started in January. Applications for the "essentials" workshop are rolling right along.

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