HackerRank Acquires Mimir to Better Match CS Talent in Classrooms With Jobs

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HackerRank Acquires Mimir to Better Match CS Talent in Classrooms With Jobs

Dec 17, 2019

HackerRank, a Mountain View, Calif.-based provider of technology training and assessment services for tech companies and candidates for developer jobs, has acquired Mimir, a platform designed for computer science professors to create and deliver online courses.

Founded in 2014, Mimir is used by several major U.S. universities, including Michigan State, Oregon State, Texas A&M and UCLA. The platform offers an online development environment where programming exercises can be shared, distributed and completed. The company has raised $2.5 million from investors, and says its platform is used by about 20,000 students.

HackerRank is best known as a platform for online coding assessments and interviews for companies looking to hire software developers. Its clients include Goldman Sachs, LinkedIn, Lyft and Peloton. The company claims more than 7 million developers have used the tool.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to a prepared statement: “Together, the two companies will provide computer science classrooms with the most comprehensive developer assessment platform on the market, allowing students to better prepare for real-world programming and universities to more accurately evaluate student progress.”

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