Taking You Higher: Don’t Miss These 40+ Higher-Ed Events Happening in...


Taking You Higher: Don’t Miss These 40+ Higher-Ed Events Happening in 2019-2020

By Tony Wan     Jul 4, 2019

Taking You Higher: Don’t Miss These 40+ Higher-Ed Events Happening in 2019-2020

Summertime is here, offering a much-needed respite to relax, reflect and maybe even read a book. And once you’re recharged, get set—there’s a world of learning opportunities on the horizon.

Many college students travel to study and grow. So why shouldn’t you? The higher education landscape is dotted with opportunities to connect with and learn from fellow colleagues, faculty, developers and entrepreneurs, all working on new ideas and tools to support teaching and learning. At any time of the year, there’s likely a gathering just for you.

We’ve compiled a free, downloadable calendar of the can’t-miss events for higher-ed instructors and entrepreneurs. This biannual conference calendar highlights the most popular stops in the higher education world, from the industry-friendly ASU GSV Summit to the practitioner-focused EDUCAUSE and WCET gatherings. New additions to this edition include Complete College America, a spotlight on student success, and Horizons from Jobs for the Future, a nonprofit focused on workforce readiness.

You’ll often find EdSurge reporters, researchers and other staff members at these events, scribbling and typing away to chronicle the latest chatter, insights and news on emerging trends in the future of learning. And for higher-ed entrepreneurs in seek of industry mentorship, EdSurge will be organizing Immersion, our one-day bootcamp for edtech startups, in New York City on Sept. 13.

EdSurge also regularly hosts meetups and workshops on online learning and higher education technology. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our higher-ed newsletter, Next, to stay up to date on the latest news and opportunities.

The calendar below names more than 40 higher education conferences happening this year. We’ve included dates, location and a brief description to help you decide what’s right for you. You can also click on the events for a link to their website to find out more.

US Higher Education Technology Conferences, 2019-2020

Download the 2019-2020 Higher Education Calendar

In case you’re wondering…

Gold, red, orange, blue: What do these colors mean?

There are a lot of conferences on this list. To help narrow things down, we've designated the primary audience for each event by the following colors:

  • Gold events are oriented around a specific product or company..
  • Red events emphasize the business of edtech more than pedagogy.
  • Orange events are tightly focused around a topic or specific audience, such as libraries or community colleges
  • Blue events focus on teaching and learning and are targeted at instructors, faculty and instructional designers (though some of these events involve exhibitor halls).

Your link took me to a conference that already happened or doesn’t exist yet. What gives?

We confirmed with conference organizers all dates for future events that aren’t yet listed on their site. We linked to the most relevant websites we could find; pages that appear outdated should be updated by the organizers in the coming months.

Will you update this calendar in the future?

Yep—about every six months!

Aw, you left out my favorite event!

Sorry about that! Feel free to add a comment on this piece with details about the event you like the best, or shoot us an email at feedback@edsurge.com.

Do you have a similar K-12 calendar?

Yup, here it is!

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