How to Make the Job Search a Hobby—Not a Chore [EdSurge Tips]

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How to Make the Job Search a Hobby—Not a Chore [EdSurge Tips]

By Sam Peterson     Oct 9, 2018

How to Make the Job Search a Hobby—Not a Chore [EdSurge Tips]

You may be reading this from the comfort of your office, where you’re happily employed and plan to remain for the foreseeable future, but don’t send your inner job hunter into retirement just yet. No matter where you currently land on the employee satisfaction scale, it’s worth your while to make an active job search part of your regular routine so that no professional opportunity ever slips by without notice. The trick is to make it enjoyable and relevant so it doesn’t feel like you’re just adding one more task to a never-ending to-do list.

Here are some tips to easily turn your job search into a hobby, rather than a chore:

Make a habit of updating your resume.

Your CV should always be a work in progress—no change in status required. Challenge yourself to rewrite key portions with more succinct and descriptive language whenever you’re feeling creative. Think of it as crafting your personal memoir, and have some fun with it.

Swap social for professional networks.

Dedicate a portion of the time you might otherwise spend scrolling through your various social feeds on a given day to engaging with your professional peers on sites like LinkedIn or AngelList. Aside from the fact that there’s a wealth of information in circulation on these platforms that can help you do your current job better—which could lead to internal promotion—an active presence keeps you top of mind and in relevant searches when employers are looking to fill new positions. Time spent here can be just as entertaining as the standard social media loop while also feeling incredibly productive (and arguably better for your emotional wellbeing).

Subscribe to newsletters that you’ll actually read.

Get updates from companies working in your areas of interest and expertise. And make sure to schedule time to read through them regularly. This is a super easy way to remain current in your field, be apprised of industry-wide changes, and have early hiring alerts sent directly to your inbox.

Connect your personal passions with your professional endeavors.

Wherever your interests may lead you, you’re almost certain to find a job there waiting for you. Just dig a little. Go beyond simply participating in activities that appeal to you by connecting directly with program organizers. Look for ways to improve future events. Volunteer your services. Ask to join a planning committee. Get involved, and you may soon find yourself getting paid to do something you truly love.

Augment your social calendar with networking events.

Want to get out of the house, meet some like-minded folks, and have a pleasant conversation? Consider attending meetups, open company happy hours, or other networking events—such as edtech startup weekends or education hackathons—that align with your interests. This little nudge to expand your social circle can be a learning experience that informs your current work or helps you connect the dots between passion and profession. If nothing else, it provides a human connection and a chance for you to learn what else is out there in the wide world of work.

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