The Future’s Open Wide With These 60+ K-12 Education Technology Events...


The Future’s Open Wide With These 60+ K-12 Education Technology Events in 2018-2019

By Tony Wan     Jul 3, 2018

The Future’s Open Wide With These 60+ K-12 Education Technology Events in 2018-2019

Here we go again!

Learning never stops, and neither do events that spark ideas and conversations around the future of teaching and learning. From local Edcamps in your backyard to glitzy conferences dotting the globe, these convenings showcase exciting changes happening in schools and classrooms (and humbling lessons learned along the way).

These conferences attract a wide swath of education stakeholders whose jobs and titles vary—teachers, administrators, researchers, CEOs, policymakers and investors, to name a few. And they’re all united around a common interest: exploring how education will evolve in ways that better serve all learners.

So relax, sit back and, perhaps, check your frequent flyer miles. We’ve compiled this shortlist of education technology events for the K-12 community happening across the world in 2018. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so make sure to check out our Events page to keep posted on upcoming events near you. You may even come across us scribbling notes in the hallways and typing furiously to file stories at these events as well. (Don’t worry; come say hi!)

We’re also hosting our own shindig later this fall. On October 2-4, EdSurge’s Fusion conference returns to Burlingame, Calif., gathering hundreds of education leaders, thinkers, researchers around what it means to personalize learning for the whole learner (with or without the tech).

The calendar below lists the locations and dates major K-12 education technology conferences for the rest of 2018, and through the first six months of 2019. For a few, we’ve confirmed they will happen but their dates and locations have not been finalized. There are also recurring events—such as EdCamp and Maker Faire—that take place year-round across the country. All event names in the PDF include links to the event page where you can find the most current information.

2018-2019 K-12 Education Technology Conference Calendar
Source: EdSurge

Get a copy of the 2018-2019 K-12 Edtech Conference Calendar

To help you navigate which events may be right for you, here’s how the calendar is organized:

Red, blue, orange: What do these colors mean?

Anyone can attend any conference. However, we’ve color-coded these events based on their designated primary audience.

  • Red events focus on the business and industry side of the ecosystem; expect plenty of technologists, entrepreneurs and funders.
  • Blue events are built around K-12 educators, with a focus on teaching, learning, pedagogy and best practices.
  • Orange events are tightly focused around a specific topic or audience, such as instructional technologists or principals.

Your link took me to a conference that already happened or doesn’t exist yet. What gives?

Don’t worry—we confirmed with conference organizers all dates for future events that aren’t yet listed on their site.

Aw, you left out my favorite event!

Sorry about that! Feel free to add a comment on this piece with details about the event you like the best, or shoot us an email at

Will you update this calendar in the future?

Yep—about every six months!

Do you have a higher-ed version of this calendar?

Yes, here it is!

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