Resource: BLU, LearnLaunch, NewSchools, TED-Ed, Usable Knowledge Provide...

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Resource: BLU, LearnLaunch, NewSchools, TED-Ed, Usable Knowledge Provide Tools and Info

Oct 29, 2017

Resource: BLU, LearnLaunch, NewSchools, TED-Ed, Usable Knowledge Provide Tools and Info

This article is part of the collection: The Personalized Learning Toolkit.


The Blended Learning Universe, or BLU_, developed by the Clayton Christensen Institute, is an online hub focused on “blended learning” resources. Education experts differentiate between “blended learning” (using technology in conjunction with learning practices) and personalized learning (which involves changed practices focused on individual learners). Even so, this compendium of guides, video tutorials, worksheets and directory of blended-learning programs is a valuable resource.

LearnLaunch’s Landscape Analysis

The Landscape Analysis created by the LearnLaunch Institute and Massachusett’s MAPLE Consortium (34 school districts across the state) aims to identify where the participating schools are in their journey to personalized learning. It weighs readiness, watches progress and aims to help guide programming for the consortium. The Landscape Analysis informs public discussions about educational priorities and assist organizations in supporting their changes in learning and teaching practices. It is specific to Massachusetts but provides a look and example of the processes. It also provides a baseline for developing progress metrics. The LearnLaunch Institute, based in Boston, is a nonprofit that offers learning opportunities, support services and a school pilot network.

NewSchools Review Rubric

Get the most from self-examination of tech tools with NewSchools Venture Fund's edtech product review rubric, co-developed with research firm, WestEd. Use it to capture observations and identify and measure research.

The review rubric identifies 10 categories for analysis that are integral to assessing the relevance of an edtech product. The categories include relevant questions as well as indicators. (For instance, under the “Content” category, the rubric asks: “How comprehensively does the product cover the subject matter?” followed by indicators of what should win a strong rating.

TED Talks on Education

TED Talks, not surprisingly, have deep vocabulary in education. TED-Ed asks how education can be fixed or reinvented, explores the latest thinking—from teachers, parents, kids—on how to build better schools around the world. There are a growing number of educational resources here.

Some of the most popular talks ever are on education. (Sir Ken Robinson has done 10—count them, 10!—TED talks.) Here are a few more worth checking out:

Usable Knowledge from Harvard

Usable Knowledge, a database of stories and research compiled by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, translates the latest education research into easy-to-use stories and strategies for teachers, parents, K-12 leaders, higher ed professionals and policymakers. Trying starting with “What Makes A Great School?

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