Framework: ISTE Standards, a Roadmap

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Framework: ISTE Standards, a Roadmap

Oct 29, 2017

Framework: ISTE Standards, a Roadmap

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ISTE is a worldwide network of educators who have been supporting innovation in their work for 40 years. As the pace of technological advancement increases, ISTE seeks to help educators keep their students moving toward successful futures. According to the nonprofit: “It’s not about using digital tools to support outdated education strategies and models; it’s about tapping into technology’s potential to amplify human capacity for collaboration, creativity and communication. It’s about leveling the playing field and providing young people worldwide with equitable access to powerful learning opportunities.”

The ISTE Standards provide a framework for creating or improving digital learning models and environments. There are five sets of standards, of which one pertains to students and the others to professionals; each directs research, resources and services. The student standards guide curriculum and product development, while other standards support professional development and define job and product roles.

ISTE Standards

For Students For Educators For Administrators
Empowered Learner Learner Visionary Leadership
Digital Citizen Leader Digital Age Learning Culture
Knowledge Constructor Citizen Excellence in professional practices
Innovative Designer Collaborator Systemic Improvement
Computational Thinker Designer Digital Citizenship
Creative Communicator Facilatator
Global Collaborator Analyst

There are also specific standards for computer science educators and coaches.

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