​Tool: Lea(R)n Platform Grading Protocol

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​Tool: Lea(R)n Platform Grading Protocol

Oct 28, 2017

​Tool: Lea(R)n Platform Grading Protocol

This article is part of the guide: The Personalized Learning Toolkit.

Teachers give grades with the ease of snow falling in Alaska; it’s what they do. Lea(R)n Platform takes advantage of that and asks them to grade the tech products they use. Lea(R)n developed the grading protocol, a rubric of eight criteria and then directs teachers to assign A through F ratings—no stars here. With the rubric comes a research brief that explains how it was created. Lea(R)n says, “The purpose of the report is to briefly summarize the methods, results and ultimate implications for the Lea(R)n grading protocol.”

In addition, the LearnPlatform aims to simplify the research, purchasing, implementation and assessment of edtech products. A free integration with a Chrome browser will enable schools to get monthly reports on the usage of technology.

Lea(R)n is available for free to individual educators. And they can earn points to exchange for Lea(R)n products. An incentive is an incentive.

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