​Unity College Receives $291K to Give Academic Credit for Real-World Work Experience

WORK CREDIT: First- and second-year experiences for students at Unity College in Maine might look different for incoming classes, thanks to a $291,000 grant the college received from the Davis Education Foundation. According to a press announcement, the grant money will specifically go towards funding a “comprehensive academic credentialing system and an immersive, potentially year-round, academic schedule.” That will likely include more opportunities for students to earn credit for non-academic work “not acknowledged on a traditional transcript.”

“The world needs graduates who do things rather than simply know things. This is an ambitious endeavor to blend real-world work, co-curricular activities, and other learning opportunities into a seamless transition for our students,” Unity College President Melik Peter Khoury said in a prepared statement.

The project costs nearly $4 million in total and will officially launch in fall 2020.

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