Study Shows Americans' Confidence in Higher Education is Dropping

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE? The belief that higher education is the path to to achieving the “American Dream” appears to be wavering, according to a recent study by the think tank New America. According to the study, 78 percent of Americans believe “it’s easier to be successful with a college degree,” and only a quarter think higher education is "fine" the way it is.

The survey also found that a majority of Americans believe it’s more challenging today to find a well-paying job (59 percent) than it was for their parents’ generation. The survey also shows that 64 percent of respondents think it's more difficult now to be able to afford a family.

“Today’s economic reality is that having some type of education beyond high school is critical to getting a well-paying job,” Amy Laitinen, director of higher education at New America, said in a press announcement. However, the report reads, “the results show that people are aware that the American Dream is increasingly out of reach.”

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