24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech

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24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech

By Jenny Abamu     Feb 14, 2017

24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech

Apps. Bots. Hackathons. Platforms. EdCamps. Startups. Bootcamps. Pitchfests. What binds these and countless other education ideas, events, words and buzzwords together? Why, love, of course. A love for learning, teaching, education, a better tomorrow—and the role that technology could play.

To celebrate this most hallowed of Hallmark holidays, we offer this handy list to help you profess and pursue your love for education technology. Whether you’re just looking to introduce yourself to new education tools—or you’re ready to propose and adopt, we’ve got some handy pickup lines to help you. Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. No money-back guarantees.

When you just meet:

The Mask Youtube Clips, Warner Bros
  • You must have great infrastructure because I’m feeling really connected to you.
  • Can I get your digits? Your data is always secure with me.
  • Why don’t you come PARCC it over here by me?
  • I’ll be responsive if you’ll be adaptive.
  • Your hi-resolution and sharp details make my engine VRoooom.
  • Forget all those other bidders; I check all the boxes on your RFPs.
  • Come with me and we’ll #GoOpen new opportunities.
  • I’ll adapt to all your skills, needs, interests...and desires.

When it’s getting pretty serious:

The Mask Youtube Clips, Warner Bros
  • Wanna come over tonight to Coursera and chill?
  • I’ve got all the right competencies. Just wait ‘till you see all my micro-credentials and nanodegrees.
  • I’m well EQUIP-ped to make some public-private partnerships happen tonight.
  • Let's get personal: I’ll blend, you flip.
  • Is that a Chromebook in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Date night at Zachary’s? I hear their PISA rankings are top notch.
  • I hope you know iPASSed on so many others just to be with you.
  • I voted blue
    You voted red
    ESSA accountability
    May all but be dead

When you’re ready to take it all the way:

The Mask Youtube Clips, Warner Bros
  • Let’s do it for the kids.
  • Want to hit the STEAM room?
  • We’ve already got all the tools we need for some hands-on maker activities.
  • Let’s fill our digital portfolio with plenty of MEME-ories.
  • Why don’t we work on our interoperability?
  • Trust me, I’m a worthwhile investment. Have you seen my big TAMs?
  • I, product, take thee, user, to be my data. To have and to hold securely, in K-12 and in higher ed, for mastery or for performance, and I promise my love to delete you after graduation.
  • This early warning system alerts me if I’m ever at risk of dropping out of your life.
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