Tableau Study Looks at How Higher Ed is Keeping Up With Increasing Data Jobs Demand

PREPARING THE DATA-FORCE: Data presentation, statistical analysis and data mining. Those were just a few of the top skills in-demand by employers in 2016 listed in a report by LinkedIn. But are universities keeping up with the growing demand for data gurus? Business analytics software company Tableau today unveiled its year-long study that asks that very question.

Using data from all Title IV institutions, gathered from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, the report takes a look at which higher-ed institutions offer analytics programs, and also how the landscape is adapting to the market’s increasing need for analytics skills. Among several key findings, the study reveals that nine percent of higher-ed institutions in the U.S. currently offer analytics programs. When narrowing in on the top 150-ranked universities in the U.S., all but seven have programs to prepare students for jobs in data analytics. In comparison to that, Tableau discovered a gap in analytics education at two-year institutions like community colleges and vocational schools, where only about two percent offer an analytics program.

The report also notes that analytics programs “tend to cluster geographically near the locations of data analysis jobs.” The top five hotspots? New York City, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Boston/Chicago and Los Angeles.

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