Sesame Street Study: Parents, Teachers Say World is Unkind to Children

K IS NOT FOR KINDNESS: Popular children’s television show "Sesame Street" has found in a survey released today adults worry children live in an unkind world. The study by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit and education organization producing "Sesame Street," surveyed 2,002 parents and 500 teachers as the show looks ahead at a new season exploring empathy and kindness. Seventy percent of parents said the world is unkind to their children, and about 75 percent of parents and teachers said they prioritize kindness over academic achievement. Check out the full results for other findings on respect, social-emotional skills and manners.

“Sesame undertook this study because we, ourselves, felt that the world seemed to be lacking in empathy and were concerned what the long-term impact of that would be on children and society as children grow older,” says Sesame Workshop CEO Jeffrey D. Dunn in the release.

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