Rapper Dee-1 Talks Higher-Ed Costs With Teens

Rapper Dee-1 Talks Higher-Ed Costs With Teens

FINANCIAL LITERACY WITH A BEAT: A survey created by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 46 percent of teens have no clue how to create a budget—an alarming stat for students taking out loans to go to college. As part of a financial literacy campaign, the consulting firm brought out an unusual suspect: New Orleans Rapper Dee-1.

His music video, “Sallie Mae Back,” about repaying his students loans went viral this year, and now he’s on a cross-country tour to talk to teens about higher-education costs. “My voice is authentic to them, my life experience is authentic to them, so when I hit them with the knowledge, the financial literacy piece, they’re all ears,” Dee-1 tells the Washington Post.

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