Coding Dojo Brings Programming Courses to Bellevue College

A NEW KIND OF STACKS ON CAMPUS: Ruby on Rails and JavaScript/MEAN will soon join the list of available courses for continuing-education programs at Bellevue College in Washington. Coding Dojo, a Bellevue, WA-based software development bootcamp with on-site and online programs, will provide the curriculum, instructors and access to its online platform for the two classes at Bellevue this fall. Each course will be split into three modules, and tuition will cost $1,299 for an individual module or $3,500 for all three.

Bellevue is no stranger to the tech industry—many of its students land jobs at nearby Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft—but developing and maintaining the curriculum for programming courses is costly, Bellevue product manager Mark Veljkov tells Xconomy. “For us, it became a much better solution to find a local partner that had the quality we were looking for.”

Bellevue is the first college to join Coding Dojo’s “Coding for Higher Education” program, which the company hopes to bring to other campuses across the country. If all pans out with the federal government’s EQUIP program, students may soon be able to use financial aid to enroll in these types of programs.

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