Virtual Reality: The Real Deal for K-12 Classrooms, or Just Hype?

DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK? Google Cardboard. Nearpod. Global Nomads. There's no shortage of K-12 virtual reality products for teachers and students to choose from. But a Center for Digital Education post poses a question of utility: "Does the technology’s growing availability translate to value in the classroom?" Writer Jennifer Snelling argues that content—both company and user-generated—is key to VR's success in the classroom, as VR has the potential to "open up the world of education once students are creating their own virtual worlds." But she also reminds educators to not ignore potentially negative side effects, including the risk of failing to tie VR to curriculum needs, and the physical challenges associated with it: "Sometimes students can experience motion sickness or bump into objects as they wander around the room."

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