Trying to Wrap Your Head Around Personalized Learning? This Mini-Course Might Help

PICKING THE RIGHT PERSONALIZED: Debates around the definition of personalized learning aside, institutions are unsure of its role on campus. EdSurge columnists Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill, co-publishers of the e-Literate blog, are together with the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) offering an upcoming mini-course on “Personalized Learning: Finding the Model That Fits Your Institution.” Feldstein says he hopes “to help participants sharpen their own ideas for appropriate ways to facilitate exploration of the topic at their own institutions.” 

The three-session course aims to help higher-ed community members develop a strong understanding of what personalized learning entails, identify possible uses and barriers on their own campuses, and review resources for facilitating discussions about personalized learning. The course is $210 for ELI members and $420 for non-members. There’s homework involved—but also a digital badge for those who finish!

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